Thank you to Bloomberg Technology for this video — which I’ve annotated with some of my thoughts as “thought bubbles” sprinkled throughout.

Here’s a few highlights from my teleporting into the San Francisco Bloomberg studio from the NYC Bloomberg studio. I’m shocked at how seamless it all looks even though I wasn’t really sitting with Taylor Riggs in SF!

On We Work’s Troubles: 

  • I think it is this general reckoning in tech where the ethics question has to be asked.
  • If you try to say you are a tech company, but you are not, you will get bit.

On Facebook v Warren: 

  • The fact that this technology can be used to manipulate people is powerful, regardless of who the candidate will be, they will have to reckon with these ethical concerns.
  • I think everyone wants to unravel the big tech companies. Are they “mind casinos” that can control our emotions? If you look at it that way, there is a definite problem, and the problem has to get addressed somehow. Is Facebook the only problem? I don’t think so.

On Microsoft’s New Devices:

  • The thing about devices today, is that you are not sure what they are. Remember devices called phablets, a phone and tablet? Now we have pholding phablets!
  • Anything can be a phone, just attach headphones to your tablet, etc. It is good that Microsoft is coming with something that is not just a phone, but another device you can carry with you. It is a new way to think about how you live with computing.
  • I kind of expected Apple instead to do something phunky like this.

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