I’ve been browsing a variety of future-watching reports out there to consider a chain of events that start with virtual machines at scale. In the end, I centered around Gartner’s interpretations because it was v CIO-y.

  1. Virtualization
  2. Social Networking
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. Mobile Apps
  5. Video
  6. IoT
  7. Mobile and Tablets
  8. Apps, App Stores, and Marketplaces
  9. HTML5
  10. Big Data
  11. 3-D Printing
  12. Hybrid Cloud
  13. Internet of Things (IoT)
  14. Machine Learning
  15. Smart, Conversant Apps
  16. Blockchain
  17. Augmented Analytics
  18. Immersive Experiences
  19. Edge Computing
  20. AI-assisted X
  21. Autonomous Things
  22. Digital Privacy
  23. Quantum Computing

But then I got interested in Forrester’s take on technology trends to find similarities and a few differences. From their 2018-2020 report:

  • IoT drives edge computing adoption (lower latency)
  • Distributed trust challenges centralized authority (blockchain)
  • Automated security intelligence kicks in (AI to fight AI)
  • Employee experience requires consumer-quality apps (design)
  • AI gets better at getting smarter (unassisted and assisted)
  • All-digital workers join the workforce (AI in the workplace)
  • Customer experience goes immersive (interaction/product design)
  • “Contextual privacy boosts brand value” (1st party data)
  • Public cloud accelerates business innovation (cloud computing is here to stay)


Gartner Tech Trends 2015-2018

Cloud/Client Computing
Context-Rich Systems
3D Printing
Ambient UX
Adv Machine Learning
Autonomous Agents
Adaptive Security
Applied AI
Intelligent Apps
Conversational Systems
Smart Spaces
Immersive Experiences
Augmented Analytics

Gartner Tech Trends 2007-2014

Open Source
Green IT
Social Software
Composite Apps
Social Networking
Enterprise Mashups
Cloud Computing
Flash Memory
Mobile Apps
Cloud Computing
Social Computing
Cloud Computing
Media Tablets
Social Analytics
Internet of Things
App Stores
Big Data
Tablets and Beyond
Mobile Apps & HTML5
Hybrid IT & Cloud
Mobile Device Battles
Strategic Big Data
Mobile Apps
3-D Printing
Mobile Device Management
Hybrid Cloud

Gartner 2019 Strategic Tech Trends (link)

I find that I’m partial to the 2019 list over the 2020 one.

  • Autonomous Things (self-driving everything)
  • Augmented Analytics (datafulness)
  • AI-assisted X (enhanced tools)
  • Edge Computing (reduce latency)
  • Serverless Computing (reduce processing)
  • Immersive Technologies (AR/MR/VR/XR)
  • Blockchain (decentralized and lower cost)
  • Smart Spaces (5 dimensions: openness, connectedness, coordination, intelligence, and scope)
  • Digital Privacy (from “are we compliant?” to “are we doing the right thing?”)
  • Quantum Computing (from seriality to instantaneity)

Gartner 2020 and Beyond Predictions (link)

  • Bring Your Own Enhancement to work
  • Online shopping grows a disorder
  • Ads will respond to your emotions
  • AI improves accessibility and inclusivity
  • We’ll be tracked everywhere we go
  • Cryptocurrency wins and banks vanish
  • Blockchain fixes fake news