The Iceberg Canvas

The Iceberg Canvas is a conscious design framework for re-evaluating value propositions. It departs from standard applications of design thinking in that it takes into consideration ‘below the iceberg’ ramifications – i.e. the forces at play below the polished surface of the products and services we use and experience today.

Not all AI is created equal

nearly all organizations expect to accelerate their AI and ML efforts in the coming years, with the most advanced organizations anticipating the deployment of as many as 35 projects by 2022. An exciting prospect, to be sure. But without a concerted effort to integrate those programs into a single strategy, many organizations may fail to generate the full benefits of their investments. For many retailers, there will be truth in the age-old adage: quality over quantity.

“Dataful” informs almost everything we do.

“Dataful” informs almost everything we do.

The concept of “experience” has really changed. In the past, the term was sometimes synonymous with UX; there was a sense that a specific discipline or skillset “owned” the experience. Today, the experience comes from a diverse, cross-disciplinary team, and what that team creates together. The power of collaboration can’t be overstated – both in terms of how our culture has shifted and in the quality of what we make.