“Dataful” informs almost everything we do.

“Dataful” informs almost everything we do.

The concept of “experience” has really changed. In the past, the term was sometimes synonymous with UX; there was a sense that a specific discipline or skillset “owned” the experience. Today, the experience comes from a diverse, cross-disciplinary team, and what that team creates together. The power of collaboration can’t be overstated – both in terms of how our culture has shifted and in the quality of what we make.

What Makes For A Delicious Experience? LEAD.

Publicis Sapient’s London Experience team won two BIMA Awards (the UK’s most prestigious digital awards) for our #businesstransformation work with Amplifon! About a month ago was when I first saw the work at the London office, and I was especially struck by how the outcomes-packed project fully embodied our four L.E.A.D. ingredients. I’m wondering these […]

Welcome, Leah!

Leah Buley joins Publicis Sapient as Group Vice President, Experience Research Lead to deepen Publicis Sapient’s Digital Business Transformation practice capabilities. Leah Buley joins Publicis Sapient as GVP, Experience Research Lead Buley is a recognized thought leader in the experience design industry and a respected voice at the intersection of design and business. Buley’s research […]

Wealth 2.0: Connecting Brand Experiences in Financial Services

This shift in the perception of value is profound because it completely disrupts the artificial scarcity mechanism that has driven more than 200 years of global trade as we know it. The converged technologies that provide access to these experiences also make them tangible to others, creating audiences that can be marketed to. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter currently operate on this is the basic value model.