If you're not a graduating university student and still interested in joining our Experience Associates program, we'll have a link up for you soon! Please check back in late November. Thank you! —PS

We are looking for bright young minds who are curious about technology, design, and people to join the Experience Design team at Publicis Sapient. Hands-on design skills are nice to have but they are not required for you to learn on the job. 

Work with Wendy Johansson | GVP Experience Transformation, Publicis Sapient
On how street smarts are more important than book smarts in the tech world.

Apply here if you are a graduating university student - join our Experience Design team in 2020!

The ideal campus recruit for Experience is (a):

  • Maker: someone who makes to learn—whether that’s a quick prototype, a physical object, or a thought provoking IG story. Makers can show:
    • Interesting side projects
    • Tangible things they’ve created
    • An ability to talk through their thought process, choices made, materials used, lessons learned
  • Curious: someone who is interested in design and technology, pays attention to the trends, and shows curiosity about the human impact. Curious people can:
    • Cite interesting influencers, thinkers, writers, luminaries whose ideas inspire them
    • Name products or services that interest them, and explain why
    • Ask us interesting questions
    • Talk about the tradeoffs inherent in different issues but ultimately express a clear point of view
  • Leader: someone who has demonstrated formal or informal leadership skills by showing that they can work collaboratively and respectfully with diverse groups of people. Team players. Leaders can demonstrate that they have:
    • Played an active role in an organization in their past — maybe a university group, a community group, a sizable group project, etc.
  • Ethical: someone who is thoughtful about the social consequences of their choices and of technology. Ethical people show it by being open and inclusive of others.
Work with Leah Buley | GVP Experience Transformation, Publicis Sapient
On the Design Maturity Model and what makes for successful companies today.

Apply here if you are a graduating university student - join our Experience Design team in 2020!

Candidates will ideally want to live Publicis Sapient's purpose:

To help people thrive in the brave pursuit of next.

And also model our core values and nurture them within the Experience team:

  • Engaging with Openness: Seek and share ideas and dialogue openly to deepen understanding and connection with others.
  • Inclusive Collaboration: Create space for multiple voices and integrate diverse perspectives to realize shared goals.
  • Learning Mindset: Find the courage to question what we know, take risks and learn continuously to unlock potential in ourselves and others.
  • Partnering for Client Impact: Care about our clients’ problems and partner for extraordinary impact and long-term, sustained success.
  • Embracing the Future: Generate possibilities and use the power of creativity to innovate in ways that matter to people.

Apply here if you are a graduating university student - join our Experience Design team in 2020!

On the new Chief Experience Officer

Read Fast Company's story on the August 2019 appointment of John Maeda as Chief Experience Officer at Publicis Sapient.

Work with John Maeda | Chief Experience Officer
On the Three Kinds of Design (as featured on Quartz)

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