LEAD: Towards a New Industry Standard for Computational Experience

At the Forrester CX Forum I had the opportunity to share what we’ve been cooking over here at Publicis Sapient. It’s called LEAD: Light, Ethical, Accessible, Dataful. We’re delighted to see how it’s being adopted internally, so we thought to share it with the general CX community in true open-source format. Watch to learn more about the four ingredients to a modern, computational experience.

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Designer Fund’s 20 Business Impact Levers

Jared Spool has a popular list of 5 things that execs care about. They are:

  • ↑ REVENUE: Increasing revenues
  • ↓ COSTS: Decreasing costs
  • ↑ NEW: Increasing new business/marketshare
  • ↑ EXISTING: Increasing revenue from existing customers
  • ↑ VALUE: Increasing shareholder value
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The Iceberg Canvas

Originally on Medium by Will and Kar

The Iceberg Canvas is a conscious design framework for re-evaluating value propositions. It departs from standard applications of design thinking in that it takes into consideration ‘below the iceberg’ ramifications – i.e. the forces at play below the polished surface of the products and services we use and experience today. These include invisible or unseen factors, unintended consequences and the STEEP analysis. By assessing broader societal, environmental and political ramifications, below the iceberg helps shift our predilection for digital copycats and short-termism to design more consciously for future generations to come.

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Not all AI is created equal

Rashed Haq is the global head of Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering at Publicis Sapient. He is known for helping global companies transform their businesses and create competitive advantage by defining AI strategies, and developing and deploying AI solutions at scale.

recent Gartner survey revealed that six in ten organizations (59 per cent) have already deployed artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) systems. Within this group, companies have an average of four projects in place and investments are expected to double within the next year. The implications are significant, as the survey speaks to the growing popularity of this technology across industries, its widespread application within the business and even its acceptance among consumers.

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Bloomberg Tech Weekly / October 4, 2019

Thank you to Bloomberg Technology for this video — which I’ve annotated with some of my thoughts as “thought bubbles” sprinkled throughout.

Here’s a few highlights from my teleporting into the San Francisco Bloomberg studio from the NYC Bloomberg studio. I’m shocked at how seamless it all looks even though I wasn’t really sitting with Taylor Riggs in SF!

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What Makes For A Delicious Experience? LEAD.

Photos via Fura Johannesdottir

Publicis Sapient’s London Experience team won two BIMA Awards (the UK’s most prestigious digital awards) for our #businesstransformation work with Amplifon! About a month ago was when I first saw the work at the London office, and I was especially struck by how the outcomes-packed project fully embodied our four L.E.A.D. ingredients. I’m wondering these days if all delicious digital experiences are a solid mixture of Light, Ethical, Accessible, and Dataful.

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