Bloomberg Tech Weekly / October 4, 2019

Thank you to Bloomberg Technology for this video — which I’ve annotated with some of my thoughts as “thought bubbles” sprinkled throughout.

Here’s a few highlights from my teleporting into the San Francisco Bloomberg studio from the NYC Bloomberg studio. I’m shocked at how seamless it all looks even though I wasn’t really sitting with Taylor Riggs in SF!

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What Makes For A Delicious Experience? LEAD.

Photos via Fura Johannesdottir

Publicis Sapient’s London Experience team won two BIMA Awards (the UK’s most prestigious digital awards) for our #businesstransformation work with Amplifon! About a month ago was when I first saw the work at the London office, and I was especially struck by how the outcomes-packed project fully embodied our four L.E.A.D. ingredients. I’m wondering these days if all delicious digital experiences are a solid mixture of Light, Ethical, Accessible, and Dataful.

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Welcome, Leah!

Leah Buley joins Publicis Sapient as Group Vice President, Experience to deepen Publicis Sapient’s Digital Business Transformation practice capabilities.

Leah Buley joins Publicis Sapient as GVP, Experience Lead

Buley is a recognized thought leader in the experience design industry and a respected voice at the intersection of design and business. Buley’s research has been published in HBR and Forbes, and her seminal text The User Experience Team of One: A Research and Design Survival Guide is used as the introductory text in college courses on human-centered design. While most recently at digital product design platform company InVision, Buley developed a proprietary design maturity assessment methodology for use with companies to quantify and benchmark in-house design maturity.

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Communications Code of Conduct @PSX

Working nimbly with PS Experience folks across the world, PS Experience Leader Eiko Kawano in our Toronto office, crafted this wonderful Code of Conduct for our internal MS Teams (MS’ Slack) instance. We’re already running with it —and it’s proven to be v useful. Note that the five core values referenced within it are the Publicis Sapient official Core Values.

The Short Version: Be a Good Human. 

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Wealth 2.0: Connecting Brand Experiences in Financial Services

Originally published on July 16, 2018 in Payments Journal by Jo Hippolyte

The financial industry is in the middle of a paradigm shift, centered on how value is perceived and delivered. The traditional lines between our tangible and the intangible worlds have merged, and we now value intangible digital experiences as much as physical things.

Under the influence of the tech titans and app-based services such as Uber, people have come to expect services that function perfectly, are available on demand, are increasingly personalised – and that deliver constant value and pleasure, in real time.

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Their Bank

Originally posted by David Poole and Kristen Singer on LinkedIn.

Which bank will be the first to enable customers to control their pronoun used?

I collaborated with Kristen Singer to explore this question and write this article. Kristen is New York co-chair for our employee diversity program Publicis Groupe Égalité. She has worked on various financial services accounts and agreed that if banks foster a culture of acceptance internally this’ll radiate outwards. I also talked to the LGBTQ diversity lead at one our banking clients who agreed to pursue this idea within the bank.

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In Praise Of Equals — Whoever And Wherever They Are

Originally posted on September 24, 2018 by Sarah-Louise Benjamin on Medium

It seems fitting that this year’s National Inclusion Week should fall in a month where India’s Supreme Court finally decriminalised homosexuality by repealing Section 377 after 157 years. LGBTQA+ people around the world have been waving their rainbow flags, dancing to their favourite anthems and crying victory, but the more cynical among us have been pointing out how important it is to remember that tolerance is not the same as acceptance and that refraining from active persecution is not the same as acknowledging a person’s equality and rights.

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Our Purpose and Core Values Mashed Up with the 15 Commitments of Leadership

Wendy Johansson suggested that I read the book “15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership” and it helped me see a few parallels between the Publicis Sapient Purpose and our five Core Values. To memorialize my thinking in this area, a blog post seems the easiest way to make that happen. So here it is!

Our Purpose

To help people thrive in the brave pursuit of next, you really need to be accountable to yourself as a human being and as a leader and as a citizen of a community. These two commitments express that well:

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Productizing Experience: My First Week at PS

Coming from a career of Silicon Valley tech start-ups, I had an encouraging first week at Publicis Sapient, who helps global end-ups think like start-ups via digital business transformation. Of course there were some operational surprises for me, such as using Microsoft Outlook and Teams instead of G-Suite and Slack and having to fill in a weekly timecard. However, I found myself greatly encouraged by what I saw and heard in week 1: the productization of Experience at PS.

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